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Our work focuses on addressing all of the inequalities that our community struggles every day to deal with.

Harm Reduction

Safe Spaces:
We provide safe spaces for people who use drugs to network and discuss ways of reducing the harms of their drug use by reducing the risk of overdose and infectious disease transmission.

Needle Exchange Programs:
Our needle exchange initiatives aim to prevent the spread of HIV and other bloodborne infections by providing clean needles and syringes to people who inject drugs.

Women-specific Harm Reduction and Sexual Reproductive Services:
We provide services that are specific to women who use drugs including sexual reproductive health services, Intimate Partner and Gender-based violence prevention and mitigation, cervical cancer screening, Ante and post-natal referrals, Contraception and occupational therapy, and referrals.

Health Services Access:
We connect individuals to essential health services, including addiction treatment, mental health support, and general healthcare.


Workshops and Seminars:
We conduct workshops and seminars to educate people who use drugs and the community about safe drug use practices and harm reduction strategies.

Informational Campaigns:
Our campaigns aim to dispel myths and provide accurate information about drug use, its effects, and safe practices.

Resource Materials:
We create and distribute brochures, flyers, and digital content to increase awareness and understanding of drug-related issues.

Peer Education:
We empower drug users to educate their peers, fostering a supportive community that shares knowledge and resources.


Policy Reform:
We advocate for drug policy reforms prioritizing health and human rights, pushing for decriminalization and implementing harm reduction measures.

Legal Support:
We provide legal assistance to drug users facing criminal charges, working to protect their rights and ensure fair treatment within the justice system.

Public Speaking:
Our representatives speak at conferences, public forums, and governmental meetings to raise awareness and influence drug policy changes.

Community Mobilization: We organize and mobilize the community to participate in advocacy efforts, amplifying the voices of drug users and their allies in policy discussions.

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